Medigap Plan N 2018

Out of all the high coverage supplement plans that Medicare has created, Medigap Plan N for 2018 is the least expensive. It also comes with the lowest amount of coverage, but is still considered a high-coverage plan. If you would like lots of coverage for your medical expenses but you don’t have a huge budget to work with, then Plan N may be your best choice.

The Coverage It Provides

In order to decide if Plan N is right for you, you first need to know what it offers. Each of the 10 Medigap plans is different, and knowing those differences will help you determine which one, if any, is right for you.

Medigap Plan N 2018Plan N covers you for all sorts of stuff. It provides coverage for the copayments from Medicare parts A and B. That’s not quite full coverage for both of those, though. You will still have to pay the occasional small deductible ($20 or $50, depending on the type of visit) for a hospital or office visit.

It also covers you for the Medicare Part A deductible and the coinsurance for nursing care. These can be common expenses for many people, so if you must pay them every so often, it will help to have them covered.

Further coverage includes the foreign travel exchange which is covered up to 80%, but you will still need to pay the deductible for this one. You can also be covered for some pints of blood and for hospital expenses (up to 365 days) with this plan.

There are a few expenses that are considered supplemental that Plan N won’t cover you for, and they are worth pointing out, since other plans do cover them. They are the already mentioned copayments, the Part B deductible (which is only $183) and the Part B excess charges. All the other supplemental costs are covered.

If you feel you need more coverage than what Plan N offers, you do have other higher coverage choices.

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Possible Alternatives

Those are plans F and G. they both cover a bit more and cost a bit more. Plan G will take care of those small copayments and the excess charges. Plan F will cover all that as well as the Part B deductible, making it a full coverage plan. Plan G is the probably the most economical out of all these for people who need a high-coverage plan. It has tons of value and a decent price, in most cases. It’s also the most popular plan, but you still want to make sure it is right for you before signing up.

If you feel that Medigap Plan N for 2018 and all these other high-coverage plans are just too much for you, either in coverage or price, then you should look at some of the lower coverage plans. There are plenty of these too, and they can be great alternatives while still making sure that all the essentials are covered. You don’t necessarily have to get all the coverage you can use, since it is sometimes cheaper to pay for medical costs out of pocket than with a coverage plan. That’s especially true if you only have to pay for that expense once or twice a year.

It would not make sense to have full year of coverage for an expense you only pay once in a while. Keep that in mind as you examine your medical expenses now and then try to find the most suitable plan for you.

Before you decide own which plan to go with, be sure to examine your own medical needs. Talk to your doctor about your health and what you might expect from your health status in the coming years. Then you can choose plan that is able to address that and cover your needs most appropriately.

If you find that your needs change over time (and they likely will), then you can simply change you plan. You can change your coverage plan when you like, but you should know that it could be a bit of hassle. There may be fees to pay and other small hurdles that keep the process from being completely smooth. It is best if you can just pick the right plan to start with and then only change it during open enrollment.

How to Get Plan N

You can find Plan N at a variety of insurance companies. These all offer a few different coverage plans, and Plan N might not be among them. The companies that sell Medigap plans are only required to offer a few plans, so you definitely want to keep looking if the company you are considering doesn’t have the plan you want. Don’t settle for anything other than the most appropriate plan for you.

If you don’t like the price being offered for your plan, then you can always look elsewhere for a better rate too. Each company has their own rate they set, and they change those rates every year or so. You can keep up with the rate changes by sourcing quotes, and it’s quickest to do so on a price comparison website. Keep checking the rates up until you are ready to sign up for a plan to ensure you have the most up-to-date information.

Plan N is only sold through private companies and not Medicare itself. Still, Medicare maintains over watch on the plan and all its other supplement plans. It has standardized the coverage to ensure that you always get the same thing no matter where you shop for your supplement plan.

That means you are free to find the lowest price possible on Plan N, or whatever other plan you have settled on as the best choice for you. Just be sure to take your time and choose the most suitable plan. Medigap Plan N for 2018 may be your best choice, and you’ll know whether it is or not after you have done some research on it.


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