Medigap Plan F 2018

If you want the most coverage possible from a supplemental insurance plan, then Medigap Plan F for 2018 is right for you. Of course, you should know that it comes with the highest price tag. That’s to be expected since it offers you so much coverage for medical expenses, but you need to be aware of exactly what it covers and how much it can cost you.

The Cost

Plan F does not have a fixed cost. You will get a different rate depending on which insurance company you decide to buy the plan from. These companies change their rates every now and then, so be aware of price changes. You cannot just find out what the rates are for the plan you want a year or two in advance and expect them to be the same when you finally sign up for one of them. Be sure you are staying current on the rates before you try to decide on a provider to buy the plan from.
Plan F is priced much higher than its competition. Of course, the full coverage it offers plays a part, but it isn’t priced in such a way as to reflect its coverage compared to other plans. It only covers a little more than Plan N and only slightly more than Plan G. However, the price for this plan tends to be much higher than either of those two plans. It is Plan F’s status as the full coverage plan that merits this kind of price increase, and the difference in cost and coverage is something that Medicare subscribers need to take into consideration when they are picking out their plan. They can often do much better with a different plan.


Medicare Supplement Plan F 2018



The only way that Plan F would warrant the cost it comes at is if someone could use all he coverage it provides. It only comes with one piece of coverage beyond Plan G, so anyone who chooses Plan F over the much cheaper Plan G needs to do so because they really need that little bit of extra coverage it offers. It needs to be cheaper for them to go with Plan F than Plan G, as the insurance plan you pick should be saving you money. If it isn’t, then you should find a different plan.

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The Coverage

We can’t just say that Plan F is a full coverage plan and leave it at that. We must get into what it actually covers. Not everyone is familiar with all the supplemental expenses, especially if they have not really looked at Medicare supplement plans before. So, let’s examine what Plan F really offers.

Medigap Plan F 2018First off, you will be covered for all your copayments. That the copayments for Part A and Part B of Medicare. It’s also going to include the coinsurance for nursing care and for hospital expenses. These are common costs, and Medigap Plan F for 2018 covers them as much as is possible for a supplemental plan. While some of this coverage is similar to the standard Medicare plan, you won’t find any overlap between the two plans. When Medicare’s standard plan stops offering its coverage, then Plan F steps in and offers it supplemental coverage.

It’s all in the name, really. As a supplemental insurance plan, it is meant to add on to what the standard plan provides, never stepping on its toes and offering the same coverage, but filling in the gaps of coverage left behind. That’s where the name Medigap comes from.

Plan F also covers you for some extra blood (that’s coverage that happens once Medicare’s standard coverage has finished). It will even cover you for much of your foreign travel exchange costs, which has to do with the cost of being transported to emergency treatment centers outside the United States.

Coverage is also included for both deductibles- the one for Part A and the one for Part B of Medicare. These may not be major expenses, but if they occur often, then you could benefit from having them covered. Plan F is the only Medigap plan that will cover the Part B deductible, so you definitely want to make sure that it is worth having that expense covered before you sign up for this plan. It’s the only thing that sets it apart from Plan G.

You will also receive coverage for Medicare Part B’s excess charges. This is an expense that is only covered by a select few plans, so once again you need to make sure that you really need that coverage before you choose this plan.

How to Save on Plan F

We have talked about how expensive Plan F can be, so now let’s look at a way that you can cut the costs on it a little bit. You buy this plan, and other supplemental plans, from private insurance companies. Medicare may regulate the supplemental Medigap plans, but it won’t set the rates or sell them to you directly. You must go through private insurance companies for that.

Since each one of these sets their own rates, you would be working in your best interests to find the cheapest rate for Plan F. Bear in mind that rates have nothing to do with coverage. You could find dirt cheap rates for Plan F and the coverage wouldn’t be affected one little bit. The cheapest version of Plan F still offers you just as much medical coverage as the most expensive one.

You can find the best price on this plan and any other supplemental plan by comparing the rates that the different insurance companies charge for it. You can do this the old-fashioned way by going from one company to another and requesting a rate or you can save yourself some time and look up rates on a price comparison site. You will save a ton of money and time by using a price comparison service to find the best rates for Medigap Plan F for 2018.


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