Medicare Supplements 2018

Are you on the market for addition medical coverage to take care of the cost of your medical expenses? You may already have Medicare, but you may benefit from the added coverage provided by Medicare Supplements in 2018.

These plans offer extra coverage for expenses such as your deductibles, various co-payments, coinsurance, foreign travel exchange, pints of blood and hospital expenses. For many Medicare subscribers, these expenses are too much for them to pay for out of their own pockets. They have to rely on Medicare’s supplemental plans in able to afford the care they need. However, they may not realize their options or how best to save money on these plans, and that’s what we will cover here.

The Plans

Let’s start by detailing the different plans. There are two sets of plans- high coverage and low coverage. If you really need extra coverage, you probably won’t get enough from the low coverage plans. The high coverage ones are more popular and more widely recommended because they cover more bases and help protect better against unexpected costs.

The high coverage plans include plans F, G and N. Plan N is the lowest coverage of these plans, and it covers a lot of the expenses we have already listed. Because it is lower coverage than the other two high-coverage plans, though, it costs less. That’s an important detail to remember, and if you want to save money on these plans, you need to compare costs and coverage. It may be best to not cover all your medical expenses just because a higher coverage plan would be too expensive for you.


Medicare Supplements 2018


Plan G is considered the moderate high-coverage plan it covers just about everything, but it is far less expensive than the higher coverage Plan F. The only thing it won’t cover for you that plan F does is the Medicare Part B deductibles. Plan F is the only plan to cover those expenses, which really aren’t that expensive. It is recommended that you always choose Plan G over Plan F, unless you would have the pay the deductible multiple times per year.

You can talk to your doctor about the kinds of medical care you can expect to need and then examine how much that will cost you. From there, you may be able to figure out which plan will cover you best and yet cost you the least amount of money.


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Comparing Rates

Of course, you can’t compare prices between plans without comparing prices between insurance providers. One insurance provider selling you the same plan will charge you a different price than another provider selling the same plan. They are both offering the same plan with identical coverage (because Medicare controls the coverage and not the providers), but they charge a different price for it.

Even a single company can offer different prices for the same plan, depending on where you live. For instance, Plan G may be more expensive in San Francisco than it would be in a small town across the state. Various factors contribute to determining the price, and you definitely want to shop around before you decide on a provider for your plan.

You can compare the rates on Medicare Supplement for 2018 using our website. There is a free resource there that you can make use of to quickly see how much is being charged for the plan you want. We won’t just show you one price, though. We want to make sure you can get the best deal, so we show you multiple rates, all coming from the biggest and most popular insurance providers in your area. We only check for the one plan you have specified, and we only check for your local area, so you know you are getting information that is relevant to you and not just a number picked out of a database that may apply to somewhere else in the country.

We source the rates we provide to you directly from the websites of the companies who offer the plans. That way, you get accurate information all the time, and you can be sure you know the facts before you decide on a plan.

Buying Medicare Supplements

You won’t find these supplemental plans through Medicare itself. It doesn’t sell any supplement plans. They can be bought through number of different insurance companies, though. You can go to major insurance companies or small ones and find the plan you are looking for. The coverage doesn’t change from one provider to another, so just focus on finding the lowest price, once you know what plan you want to go with.

You can’t just sign up for a supplemental plan if you don’t have the base plan, however. You have to be signed up for original Medicare before you will be eligible for Medicare supplements. These plans offer no coverage that the original Medicare plan includes, so you don’t have to be concerned with overlapping coverage. They will overlap with other forms of supplementary plans or premium plans, such as Medicare Advantage. You should talk to an insurance agent about what coverage you have and what you need before you just sign up for one of these plans. You want to be sure you aren’t paying for the same coverage twice.

Be sure to look at the plans carefully before you decide on one they all their have their disadvantages and advantages, and you need to choose one that fits your needs well. You’ll be able to switch out plans later, but it is going to cost you. You might have to pay a fee for the changeover and you will definitely not be offered the same low rates that were available when you first signed up, if you signed up during open enrollment.

The coverage on the plans isn’t going to change for a while. Medicare announced they will keep it the same through all of 2018, so if you want to start researching the plans now, you can do that and not worry about coverage changing on your when you are ready to sign up. Just be sure to use our website and the free tools it offers it compare prices and get great rates on Medicare Supplements for 2018.


Compare Medicare Supplement Plans 2018

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