Medicare Supplement Plan N 2018

If you already have a Medicare supplement plans, you could save money by switching to Medicare Supplement Plan N 2018. It may not be right for everyone, but after close examination, you may find that it is best plan for you. This is a very economical plan and one that every Medicare subscriber should at least consider due to how much money it could save them.

Switching Plans

Once you are signed up for a supplemental plan, you are welcome to change it as you like. You may have some trouble with fees and the hassle of switching plans, but it can be worth it to save money in the long run. If your current plan is costing you money that you could be saving with a different plan, you should seriously consider changing plans.
The best time to change plans is during open enrollment. You may not have the same options and advantages available to you once you already signed up for a plan as you would have for open enrollment if you had no supplement plan, but you can still get a good deal. Be sure to compare prices and make certain that you are not overpaying for the plan you want. You don’t want to go with the first price you see, by any means. You can shop around and ensure that the price you are paying is the best one available.


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If you only have Medicare’s standard plan and nothing else, then you can simply add a supplemental plan to your current subscription and enjoy the additional coverage. Once again, open enrollment is the best period to buy these plans, and it’s always best to wait until that time to sign up for them.

Why Plan N?

Medicare Supplement Plan N 2018There are lots of different Medicare supplement plans- 10 in all, to be exact. Plus, there are alternative versions of a few of them that come with some additional overage or offer other options. You have plenty of choices, so what makes Plan N so special?

The advantage to choosing Plan N over a lot of other other plans is how much coverage it offers at what is usually a decent price. You can’t get that kind of value out of most of the other plans. That’s especially true of you are looking at Plan F. That plan is often very overpriced, and you are better off choosing something else with a bit less coverage and a much lower price tag instead.

Plan N comes with plenty of its own coverage. It will take care of your extra blood each year (up to three pints) and much of your hospital expenses (up to 365 days) on top of what Medicare provides. A lot of its coverage is simply more of what the standard medical plan offers, but that’s not a bad thing, as most people will need more than the standard plan’s coverage.

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Medicare Supplement Plan N 2018 is also able to cover you for your Medicare Part A and Part B co-payments. It doesn’t cover all the Part B co-payments, technically, since you may still have to pay an occasional $20 or $50 for certain visits.

Medicare Supplement Plan N 2018You will also be covered for the Medicare Part A deductible, but not the Part B one. Further coverage includes as much as 80% of the foreign travel exchange costs (after you cover the deductible).  You will also be covered for the nursing care coinsurance.

And that’s it; Plan N comes with tons of coverage, and if that’s too much for you, then you need to look at one of the lower coverage plans or consider not getting a supplemental plan after all. Many people do just fine with the basic Medicare plan, but if you feel like that is inadequate for you, then you should look at the very economical, high-coverage Plan N. It has plenty to offer and is usually sold at a reasonable price.

Saving Money on the Plan

You don’t need to pay a lot for Plan N or any other supplement plan. You can get some great deals, if you take time to compare costs. You may not realize that Plan N and the other supplement plans are sold through private insurance companies and are not directly available through Medicare. Medicare will only sell a very limited selection of plans, and it never sells supplement plans. Those are left up to insurance companies such as Humana, Mutual of Omaha and Aetna to sell.

These companies are given some free reign with the coverage plans. They can pick and choose which ones to offer and they can even set their own rates for the premiums. They aren’t allowed to mess around with the coverage, though. If they want to charge you a very low price for Plan N or some other supplement, then they are welcome to, but they cannot adjust the coverage to match their price. Only Medicare gets to change the coverage, and they are going to tell you in advance about such changes.

Plan N is sold by lots of different companies, and if you are going to get the best deal possible, then you need to compare rates. You can source quotes from the sites directly for the insurance companies or you can go to a price comparison site and have that site and its tools do the work for you. They will calculate what the rates are for your area with the plan you have chosen and then give you a list of quotes that are applicable to your search.

This is a great way to quickly see what the rates are for several different companies, and you can find some amazing deals by taking the time to source quotes and compare them. Medicare Supplement Plan N for 2018 is a robust and cost-effective plan, and it is worth your time to consider it.


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