Medicare Supplement Plan G 2018

If you are in the market for a high coverage plan that can save you lots of money, then Medicare Supplement Plan G 2018 may be just the plan for you. Out of the 10 different Medicare supplement plans, this one offers the most coverage at the fairest price.

How It Stacks Up

Plan F may give you more coverage and Plan N may cost less, but these are both plans with a little less value than Plan G. Plan F, by comparison, is incredibly expensive. It only offers a smidge more coverage too. Plan N will cost less than Plan N, but the extra coverage Plan G offers is attractive to a lot of people, as Plan N can leave you to pay some rather common expenses on your own.

Medicare Supplement Plan G 2018Plan G covers you for lots of different medical expenses- all of them something different from what Medicare’s basic plan provides. That means there is no overlap between Plan G and the basic plan, so you have every reason to sign up for both if you need the coverage they offer. You must be signed up for the basic Medicare plan to be eligible for any supplement plan.

The cost of the plans varies from one insurance company to another, so saying that Plan G is a good deal won’t always be true. Some companies sell it for much higher prices than others, and you need to take time to compare the costs of the plan among different insurance companies to ensure that you are getting a good deal. The cost changes all the time, too, so you need to be aware of that.

You can keep up with rate changes by visiting quote comparison sites for Medicare supplement plans. These will provide you with accurate quotes for the plan you choose from several different insurance companies. The rates will be based on where you live, so if you move somewhere else, the rates are going to change.


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What’s Covered by Plan G?

Before you decide on any of the supplemental plans, you need to know what kind of coverage you are getting. Plan G comes with tons of coverage, taking care of most supplemental expenses. In fact, it covers all of them except for the Medicare Part B deductible. Only one plan, Plan F, will cover that expense for you.

Let’s look now at what you do get coverage for, though, with this plan. You may be glad to know that you will receive coverage for the most common medical expenses that Medicare’s basic plan does not cover. That includes the Medicare Part A deductible (see, it doesn’t leave you out to dry on all the deductibles) and the copayments for both Medicare parts A and B. It also covers you for the Medicare Part B excess charges as well as for some additional blood that’s not covered by the basic Medicare plan. You will be covered for coinsurance for nursing care and for some foreign travel exchange costs. Medicare Supplement Plan G 2018 will also cover you for 365 additional days of hospital expenses costs beyond the base coverage provided by the standard Medicare plan.


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Some of these items of coverage are not full coverage for the expense, as you may have a deductible to pay (like with the foreign travel costs). You may also only be covered for a percentage of the cost, such as with the hospital room coverage. Still, you will be covered for quite a lot, and there should not be a lot that you are left to pay out of your own pockets after you pay for Plan G.

That extensive coverage provides people with a lot of peace of mind, as they don’t need to worry too much about expenses to pay on their own. They can just focus on paying that insurance premium when it is due and not much else related to medical expenses.

Is Plan G Right for You?

This is a question that every Medicare subscriber with substantial medical expenses should ask themselves. You should only go with this plan if you must frequent the hospital at least a few times through the year or you need constant treatment. You want to choose a plan that fits your specific needs and not just buy the plan that everyone says is the best one. The best plan for someone else may not be the right plan for you. That’s even true of this very cost-effective plan.

While Plan G has saved lots of people plenty of money, it may not do the same for you, especially if you don’t really need the coverage it offers. You should look at other plans and consider your options. There might be a much better plan there that fits your situation a lot closer. As your needs change, you should also consider changing your plan. You need a plan that keeps up with you and provides you with coverage that is current and applicable to where you are now. Talk to your doctor and your insurance agent about what you need to be covered for and how your current plan fits you.

These people can tell you what you should be expecting from a coverage plan and from your own health. The can give you invaluable advice that will empower you to make a wise decision. Keep in mind that choosing any supplemental plan or an insurance plan of any kind should be an attempt at planning for your future. You may not need the exact coverage you are signing up for right now, but it could come in useful soon, and it’s a good idea to have a bit of a cushion there in case of unexpected medical problems and expenses.

Just don’t go overboard and try to cover a lot procedures that you are unlikely to ever need. Medicare Supplement Plan G for 2018 could be the right plan for you, but you need to examine your options find out.


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