Medicare Supplement Plan F 2018

For Medicare subscribers who need a lot more coverage, Medicare Supplement Plan F for 2018 may be just what they are looking for. No other supplement plan can match what this one has to offer. Its comprehensive coverage takes care of every supplemental expense, and that’s something no other supplement plan can quite match up to.

Now this plan, since it does offer the most coverage, also comes with the highest price tag. Expect to pay a lot more for Plan F than any other supplement plans. Even plans that are close to it in coverage usually are not anywhere near as expensive. It’s not that Plan F offers so much more value, but it can be called a full-coverage plan, whereas no other plans can. This makes it appealing for many Medicare subscribers and allows many private insurance companies to charge more for it.

The Breakdown of Cost

Many of those who have Medicare appreciate that they can just condense all their medical expenses into their insurance payments. They don’t have to worry about paying out a lot out of their own pocket. In fact, many people on Plan F do not have to pay hardly anything directly to hospitals and healthcare providers. Practically all their medical expenses are covered by their insurance.


Medicare Supplement Plan F 2018



That’s convenient, to be sure, but it could be unnecessary. There are actually other plans that are almost always a better choice than Plan F, even for those Medicare subscribers who have a lot of medical bills. Just having serious medical issues does not warrant a purchase of Medicare Supplement Plan F for 2018. It can make it a good plan to consider, but a plan like G or N may be a better fit.

The Benefits of Plan F

That’s because those other high-coverage plans don’t differ much from Plan F when it comes to coverage. Let’s look at what Plan F offers and see what the other two high-coverage plans are missing.

Medicare Supplement Plan F 2018 The primary coverage form Plan F comes in the form of hospice care and nursing care coverage. These are the biggest expenses in most cases, and Plan F offers full coverage for them.

It also takes care of most deductibles and co-payments, more than any other plan does. Furthermore, it covers you for three pints more of blood each year as well as for a lot of your emergency care outside the US. On top of that, it even covers the Medicare Part B excess charges.

If you went with Plan G, you would get all that coverage except for the single Medicare Part B deductible. If you tried for Plan N, you lose coverage on that deductible as well as coverage for Medicare Part B excess charges and some minor co-payments.

There’s not much difference there between the three plans, and it is worth considering all of them if you have serious medical issues. Medicare Supplement Plan F for 2018 might be alluring with its promises of full coverage, but in all honesty, not many people are going to get a lot of value out of full coverage. They would do just as well with simply having high coverage.

Is Medicare Supplement Plan F in 2018 the Best Choice?

Medicare Supplement Plan F in 2018 Might Have Great Coverage, but it Could End up Costing you Far More in the Long Run. See Why…



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