2018 Medicare Supplement Rates

Rates for Medicare supplement plans are always changing. 2018 Medicare Supplement RatesIf you were to look at 2018 Medicare Supplement rates you would see higher prices than what is being offered right now. That’s simply inflation, and it happens in every industry, medical insurance coverage included.

Now just because the rates are increasing over the next few years, that doesn’t mean you cannot still get the plans you would like to have at a good price. That’s because where you buy the plan from doesn’t really matter. You get the same coverage everywhere, thanks to Medicare’s oversight of the Medicare supplement plans.

Medicare makes sure that every company that sells its plans keeps to the same coverage that Medicare issued for those plans. Those insurance companies can change their rates how they like, and they can even limit the healthcare facilities where that coverage is accepted to their network, but they cannot touch the coverage. That should mean to you that you have a chance to save some money.

You can find the lowest rates available on the plan of your choice and buy that plan without having to worry whether you are going to lose coverage or if you are getting a poorer version of the same plan everyone else is buying. Plan F, G, N and the rest are all kept guaranteed to have their same coverage no matter where you decide to buy them from. So don’t hesitate to look for the lowest prices and the cheapest 2018 Medicare Supplement rates. You will only save money, and you won’t lose anything.


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These plans give you a lot of different coverage options. You can go with Plan F, which has a full coverage package. That means that every medical expense labeled a supplemental is covered under this plan. So all those gaps that Medicare leaves you in your coverage, as it only pays out a little here and a percentage there, are going to be filled in by Plan F.

With Plan G, you get not as much coverage, but you also get to enjoy a lower rate. Where Plan F will cover you for nursing care, your deductibles (except for one for emergency care in foreign countries), your hospice care, your excess charges, your three additional pints of blood, your foreign emergency healthcare and your co-payments, Plan G drops a single item of coverage. It’s not much. It’s just the Medicare Part B deductible.

If you decide to go with Plan N instead, you lose a little bit more coverage. That would be coverage for that deductible listed above as well as for Medicare Part B excess charges and some small copayments.

Each plan has its own set of coverage, starting with Plan F and winding down to less and less coverage. So matter how much you need, you can probably find it with these plans. Just be sure you are paying the lowest possible 2018 Medicare Supplement rates you can find. If you aren’t sure if the rates you are finding are low, just compare them between insurance companies. That’s your key to saving a bunch of money with these plans.

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 2018 Medicare Supplement Rates