2018 Medicare Supplement Plans

You will be able to find supplemental Medicare insurance by going to various insurance companies in your area, visiting their websites or contacting them directly. They sell these Medicare approved plans which provide you with more coverage for your medical expenses. We want to take a moment and fill you in on what you should know about 2018 Medicare Supplement Plans.

Understanding Medicare Supplements

2018 Medicare Supplement PlansBefore you can tell whether supplemental Medicare plans are right for you, you must first understand what these plans entail. They cover expenses that Medicare doesn’t, but you do need to have a basic Medicare plan in order to be eligible for a supplement plan. They are meant to be purchased in addition to the base plan.

There is no overlap in coverage between the two, and you can only have one supplement plan at once. That’s because all the supplement plans overlap in some way, covering a few of the same basic things.

If you sign up for one of the supplemental plans, you can expect to be covered for medical expenses such as nursing care coinsurance, foreign travel exchange, your deductibles, co-payments, excess charges from Medicare Part B and pints of blood. Not every plan is going to cover all of those. In fact, only one plan covers each and every one- Plan F. This is the most expensive plan, thanks to its extensive coverage, and because of how expensive it is, there are few people we could recommend it to. The little bit it covers that the next highest plan- Plan G- does not, is usually more easily paid for out of your own pocket.

Just because you would have to pay a medical expense on your own without a supplement plan, that doesn’t mean you need to sign up for a supplement plan that covers it for you. You should consider how many times per year you would have to pay for that expense, and if it would be cheaper to pay for it yourself than pay for a plan that covers it throughout the year.

 2018 Medicare Supplement Plans


Buying Medicare Supplements

Medicare is not selling its own supplemental plans. While it does control what kind of coverage they have and what plans are even made available from year to year, it doesn’t actually sell them. It leaves that up to the various insurance companies out there that opt to sell Medicare supplement plans. That means the rates from one plan to the next are going to be quite different, depending on which insurance company you look at. AARP, for example, may be selling Plan N for more than Mutual of Omaha is. However, the coverage for that plan would be the same regardless of where you bought it from. Medicare regulates the coverage on all its plans and ensures that any company selling them adheres to its coverage rules.

Now, coverage for 2018 Medicare Supplement Plans is not going to change from what it is now. It will be the same all through 2018, which is good news for those who want to research these plans now and know ahead of time which plan is going to be a good fit for them when they are finally ready to sign up for one. If you have a plan all picked out for 2018, then you can rest easy knowing that the coverage will remain as it is through that next year.

If you are planning to buy Medicare supplements, though, you should compare the rates. Don’t just compare the rates between plans, but also compare the rates between companies. As we mentioned before, these companies have their own rates, and that’s not something that Medicare really regulates. You could end up paying far more for one of these plans than you have to if you don’t bother to shop around and compare the rates.

The best way to look at and compare multiple rates all at once is to use our website. There, we have a free tool you can use to input the plan you want and see several quotes from different insurance companies in your area who are selling that plan. We don’t used stored data to get you those quotes. Instead, we source the quotes directly from the insurance providers, so you get accurate information each time you use our quote tool.

This lets you compare rates from the various providers and see for yourself who has the best deal. It’s the fastest way to determine what the lowest rate is, and that is generally the deciding factor for consumers as to which insurance company they want to use.

Do You Need Medicare Supplemental Insurance?

This is a question every Medicare subscriber should ask themselves. Just because you can afford to pay the medical expenses that are left over once Medicare does its part, that doesn’t mean you don’t need a supplemental plan. These plans could decrease how much you pay out each month in medical expenses, if you get the right plan.

There are 10 plans to pick from, and if you aren’t careful, you can end up choosing the wrong one and regretting it later. You can change your pick at a later date, if you wish, but you won’t be able to get the same kinds of great deals that are available to you the very first time you try to sign up for Medicare supplement plans.

That’s something to take into consideration when you are going to get one of these plans for the first time. If you take some time and really look at what the plans offer and how their coverage lines up with your needs, then you can make an informed decision as to which plan is right for you.

We urge you to take some effort and time and examine these plans to find the best fit for you. Then, once you have picked out the most appropriate plan, please come and use our free tool to get the best rates possible on 2018 Medicare Supplement Plans.

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